Nannup Tiger Cottages

Comfortable country cottages with all you need, situated only 4 kms from Nannup, the 'Centre of the South West', Tiger Cottages is a perfect location for trout fishing, bird watching, scenic drives, and bush walking.
The region also boasts woodwork, fine furniture, antiques, crafts, pottery, and wineries.
Labor Day weekend Nannup is proud to support musicians during the Nannup Music Festival and showcases flowering bulbs and the beauty of the southwest during Flower & Garden Festival in August.
Quit Forest Rally, Cycling and Power Boats feature throughout the year.

Tom and Cyndy are your hosts for the duration of your stay.

Tom is widely traveled  and loves a good chat and Cyndy is an emphatic Gardener with a relish for the added home advantage that the cattle on the property bring when it comes to fertilizing. Vegetables and herbs are always in abundance and Tom is a bit of a handyman in the timber workshop.
History Of The Property

Higgins family settled on property
Governor visits Nannup, stayed at original stone cottage Majanup
Young 7 year old Higgins dies of diphtheria. (Grave on property)
Mulberry, lilac and Boxthorn trees planted
                    1900 (thereabouts)
Brockman family buy out Higgins
Vern Brockman, state politician held meetings in present house, Brockman Highway named after him.
Brockman dies at 56 years old
Having run for 42 years from 1912, log-hauling tramline stopped. Formation with sleepers in place still visible.
Perseys buy 200 acres of Brockman Farm.
Nannup Tiger Cottages opened by Perseys

Over the years the property has seen dairy farming, beef cattle, chaff cutting, horses, sheep and deer farming.
At the turn of the century a small parcel of high-grade gold was found on the property, and today we are still looking for the mother lode!

 Nannup Tiger Cottages
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